Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit
Conjure Oils - KnowingSpirit

Conjure Oils

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Conjure oils are made by intention, spiritually charged, and crystal infused. These oils are blessed with prayer and my powerful ase'. They are crystal infused and charged in the New and Full moon cycles. Can be used to dress candles and rituals and much more.

Are you undecided on what oil you want to try? I am now offering small sample sizes. 2ml of any oil that you want to try. Add the oil in the basket and then send me an email with the name of the herbal oil you have chosen to the email address is 




  • Full Moon oil 

This oil can be used to add more power to any working that you are doing. It has been specially charged by the full moon and crystal infused for extra power.    

  • Money Oil

Draw money from expected and unexpected places. Draw customers into your business. Get paid on a debt that's owed to you. 

  • Student (memory and mental Clarity) Oil 

Is not only good for students that need a little help with concentrating and studying, it is good for anyone that is looking for a little help with mental focus and concentration. It will help you feel more wakeful and alert, provide that mental clarity that you need to pass a test, and help you retain all of the information that you just studied the night before. 

  • Hot and Bothered oil 

Drive unwanted people away and make them stay away. This is a mixture of herbs and minerals, including chili powder, salt, pepper and other special ingredients packed with a punch to drive unwanted people away. A coworker that just wont go away and is draining you of your energy. A supervisor that has it in for you and is determined to get you fired.  An ex lover that just won’t leave you alone. The possibilities are endless. 

  •   Spiritual Healing  

This oil helps to release any energetic blocks you may have and will assist you in cutting cords to unhealthy relationships, situations, and past events.  It assists with creating balance, harmony, and inner-peace within you. Are you having trouble with healing from a break up? Or just feel like you are having trouble healing from a toxic situation? This oil is for you. 

  • Psychic Awakening  

This oil increases your psychic awareness and open your third eye, so you are more open to the signs and messages from your ancestors. Use this oil to raise your vibrations and connect with spirit. Creating a clear pathway to connect and communicate with your angels, your higher-self and your ancestors. A special ingredient is added to help open your third eye. Many of my clients use this oil when doing readings and have great results. 

  • Divination Oil   

This oil will help give you second sight, knowledge of the future or reveal the unknown,  prophecy and prediction. It can be used with spell working and tarot cards to help reveal second sight during readings. Anoint your cards with this oil before using them for a reading and watch the outcome. 

  • High John the Conqueror

This oil will not disappoint. It is a strong formula that I have used for years and it works every time. It will help you to weaken and destroy anything standing in your way. It will conquer any situation. 

  • Love Domination Oil 

Dominate Love matters with this oil. This oil will help you to control your man/woman. Hold your man/woman with magick and own their heart.

  • Domination Oil 

This oil will help you to command and dominate any situation.  

  • Reversing Oil 

This oil will reverse the influence of witchcraft/hoodoo or any hexing situation and send it back to the sender. When performing a reversal working, use it in conjunction with my special reversing powder.  

  • Be Faithful

This oil is designed to keep your significant other faithful. Place a few drops inside of their shoes. This oil can be used to dress a candle or their photo. My clients have had nothing but success with this oil. Make sure to set your intention before using! 

  • Law Stay Away

This oil is used for protection to keep the law away, hence the name Law stay away. Do you need to keep the law off of your back? Then this oil is perfect. It can be used to ward off arrests and legal issues.

  • Judge Me Not 



Please be advised these oils are conjure, not perfume. It is advised you use these oils to dress candles and anoint items. Wear at your own risk.  Labels and color of oils may change. Keep away from children. The oils are not meant for ingestion. 

These are made to order. Please allow 3 to 5 days to prepare the order.

GA residents taxes will apply to your order. 

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