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Spiritual Bath kit - KnowingSpirit

Spiritual Bath kit

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Spiritual Baths are vitally important to remove the negative energy that has been acquired throughout the day, cleanse your spirit, strengthen your aura, and promote psychic detoxification. Spiritual baths are prescribed according to the problem or situation and what needs to be done. They are often used before or after doing a spiritual working. You will receive salts along with herbs per intention, a crystal per intention, 4 tea light candles, .5 oz herbal infused oil, Vinegar, Florida water, or holy water (depending on the spiritual bath selected),  smudge stick, along with with a mesh satchel for an easy cleanup. You will also receive instructions on the proper way to take a spiritual bath.

 Sweet Bath:

  • A sweet bath that is recommended to cool down your Ori and improve mood and behavior.

  • Calming any *hot* energies including anxiety, anger, fragmented thought and stress, and restoring and refreshing the head and mind.It is a tool used to help cleanse and cool a person's energy field.
  • If you are having a particularly bad day, recovering from a sickness, or you feel stuck and need to clear the psychic fog this is the best spiritual bath to use. This bath can also be used to cleanse yourself after a particularly "dirty" ritual is done.
  • The Sweet bath blend is a special bath that will come with holy water, 4 tea light candles, 1/2 oz herbal infused oil, and a smudge stick. This can be used as a rinse or added to your bath. Complete instructions will come with your white bath.  

Spiritual Uncrossing bath kit uses:

  • Remove Curse and break jinxes and return them to the sender 

  • Cleansing Negativity

  • Driving away evil spirit

True Love bath kit uses:

  • Find True love

  • Attract the perfect man or woman
  • True Love spiritual bath kit is perfect tool to bring a perfect man or woman into your life for a serious committed relationship.

 Money Drawing bath kit uses:

    • Draw money from expected and unexpected places

    • Draw customers into your business

    • Get paid on a debt that's owed to you

    Spiritual Healing bath kit uses:

      • Cleanse general negativity

      • Heal a broken heart

      • Helps to promote forgiveness and improve mental stability

      Protection bath kit uses:

        • Protection from evil or enemies

        • Protection from the evil eye or harm

        • Defense against curses, hexes, or evil spirits
        • Protection from enemies that may be throwing evil spell work at you.

        Success and Prosperity Spiritual bath kit uses:

        • Success in accomplishing goals or completing projects 

        • Creative communication and provides help with public speaking

        • Success in school tests, education, job promotions, successful career movement, and in having your proposals accepted. 

         Road Opener Spiritual bath kit uses:

        • Attract opportunities

        • Remove obstacles

        • Allows you to accomplish your goals and have success

        Sweet Spiritual Bath uses:

        • Sweeten your love
        • Sweeten your work relationships
        • Sweeten friendships and all things surrounding you

        These are made to order. Please allow 3 to 5 days to prepare the order.

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